20th Anniversary Year

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Saturday 22 June 2024

A Fife favourite

Today's second Extra ride of the year saw us cross the Forth and follow the Fife Coastal Path to Silversands Bay at Aberdour. The weather forecast suggested we could be in for wall-to-wall sunshine. In the end, we had a mixture of sunny spells and some bright, but overcast skies. There was a bit of a breeze, but that and a pleasant temperature made it ideal for cycling. The weather clearly helped us muster seventeen riders at the Craigleith starting point. With the briefing over we headed off on what for many in the group is their favourite ride. We took the familiar route to Cramond Brig where we had the obligatory pause. The path alongside the A90, through Dalmeny village, quiet residential streets of South Queensferry, past the new houses and we were at the Forth Bridge Visitor Centre for a comfort stop. From there we headed across the old Forth Road Bridge into Fife. No matter how many times we've cycled across the bridge, it remains a magical experience. Today, there was a bit of a breeze, it was pleasantly warm and the waters of the Forth were a lovely blue and quite calm. One rider had never ridden across the bridge before, so was able to experience that magic for the first time. Having crossed the bridge, we had to endure the least enjoyable part of the ride - an uphill slog along the main road to get into the centre of Inverkeithing. Leaving the town behind, we headed for the Fife Coastal Path. A mixture of tracks with stunning views across the Forth, and paths through fancy housing estates took us past St David's Harbour, Downing Point and Donibristle Bay on the edge of Dalgety Bay. How the leader found his way through the maze of paths remains a mystery. But he did and we were soon passing the impressive ruins of St Brigget's Kirk. Just prior to St Colm House, the leader's view was obscured by a rider getting too close and he missed the turning for the underpass. As a result, we ended up at the oil terminal gates, and had to retrace our steps. Through the underpass, we were back on course. Turning slightly inland, we followed minor roads and tracks past fields and a golf course to emerge in the village of  Aberdour. Another mile, and we were at Silver Sands for our lunch stop at the lovely Sands Café.

Lunch over, we left Silversands Bay behind and began our journey home. We retraced the outward route from the morning, and were once again able to marvel at the views across the Forth. No missing of the underpass this time, and once again, the paths through the houses saw the leader seem like he was a local. Leaving the delightful coastal path behind, soon we were through Inverkeithing and heading back across the Forth Road Bridge. Another comfort stop at the visitor centre, and we were soon leaving South Queensferry behind. A pause at Cramond Brig, and a short while later we were at Craigleith where the leader declared the ride over.

Thanks to Alan for leading us out to that old favourite, and to Neil for back marking. Everyone had enjoyed themselves, the cycling and scenery had been great and the weather had been kind to us.

Leader: Alan

Report: Glenn

Photos: Glenn

Monday 17 June 2024

Second Extra of 2024 this coming Saturday

We've got the second of this year's Extra rides coming up on Saturday (22nd).

For this ride, we'll be heading to one of our more popular destinations: the Silver Sands beach at Aberdour. This is a delightful spot, with a lovely beach and fine views over the Firth of Forth. The route promises to be a very pleasant one, particularly the section along the Fife Coastal Path. But be warned that this will include several fairly rough stretches which might be muddy. The total distance will be about 35 miles, including a few moderate hills.

As you will know by now, these Extra rides are longer than our usual runs, with a faster pace and fewer stops, although we still aim for a sociable atmosphere. If you find that you can easily manage our usual 20-mile runs, Saturday's ride would be a good choice. But if you sometimes struggle to keep up on our usual runs, you might prefer to give this one a miss.


For this ride, you can either bring a picnic lunch or visit the Sands café which is right on the beach. This offers a range of sandwiches and other snacks, but it can get very busy, especially on a nice day. If you want to avoid a long wait for lunch, I suggest you go for the picnic option. There are plenty of places to sit on the beach, and there are also toilets there. (And we'll have comfort stops on both the outward and return legs.)

Time and place

The ride will start at 10:30 from our alternative meeting point at the Craigleith path junction - see here if you need directions. The ride will finish back at Craigleith mid- to late-afternoon.

As always, there is no need to let us know in advance whether or not you plan to come along. Just turn up if you have a mind to.

And, as always, please remember to bring a spare inner tube plus whatever tools (if any) would be needed to remove your wheel in the event of a puncture.

Whether or not we see you on Saturday, our next 20-mile run will be on 13 July. And we've scheduled 27 July for this year's third Extra. I'll post details of both those rides in good time.

Saturday 8 June 2024

A bike swap on the way to Dalkeith

On today's ride to Dalkeith, one rider was unlucky to have a serious bike issue that looked set to end their ride almost before it had begun. But they managed to limp home, swap bikes and caught us up before we got to Musselburgh. It was cooler and windier than of late as the fifteen riders mustered for today's ride. Once again, Alan ensured that no one was in doubt that riders were in the right place, thanks to the 20 Milers 20th anniversary banner. The leader gave the customary briefing, adding a superb line to discourage anyone from overtaking the leader: "please don't overtake me as I'm likely to blindly follow you and we'll probably get lost". After that, we headed off towards Holyrood Park.

Just after we'd left St Leonard's Street, at the back of the pack, one of the stalwarts of the group had their bike skid to a halt when the back wheel locked up. Despite being able to dislodge the jammed chain, it was clear the ride was over for the rider - or so we thought. The group pushed on having agreed the back marker would catch us up, which they did further along the Innocent Railway. Pressing on towards Musselburgh station, the writer got a shock when the rider we thought had gone home, appeared beside him on a different bike. Having limped home on their first bike, they had swapped over to another bike and raced off to catch us up. The things folk will do to avoid missing a 20 Milers ride! With a full complement again, we headed down to the Grove. Today, this section of path was clear and dry. But two weeks ago [on the recce] those present had to endure mud, standing water and floods. The leader took us on a less familiar route through Whitecraig to join the path towards Dalkeith. After an easy run on the path, we found ourselves in quite heavy traffic in the centre of Dalkeith before arriving at King's Park. Here we enjoyed our picnic lunches in the sun.

We rode through the park and took an unfamiliar path to emerge on Abbey Road. Through the new houses and we were at the kissing gate. Without hesitation, Alan took on the duty of gatekeeper to ensure everyone got through the gate easily. He even stayed at his post to help through a couple of riders that weren't part of our group. Through delightful woodland and parks, we were soon back at the main road into Dalkeith where we had been in the morning. Following a short stretch on the main road, we entered Dalkeith Country Park. Through the park, a short stretch of busy road [made worse by temporary traffic lights], and we were back on the Grove. From Musselburgh station we retraced our outward route back to the Meadows. The only difference being that this time we went through the Innocent Tunnel. The leader declared the ride officially over, and received thanks from the group for an enjoyable ride.

Thanks to Alison for leading, Yaz for back marking, and Alan for his gate keeper duties.

Leader: Alison

Report: Glenn

Photos: Glenn

Monday 3 June 2024

Two rides for June

We can look forward to two rides this month: our standard monthly run this coming Saturday, and the second Extra of the season two weeks later.

Saturday 8 June

For this week's ride, Alison will be leading us to Dalkeith. It will be a bit longer than our usual "second Saturday" outings - probably about 24 miles - but there should be no particular difficulties. We will be mainly on well-surfaced paths and quiet roads and there will be no killer hills. However, there will be a couple of short stretches  through the centre of Dalkeith that might be busy with traffic.

For our lunch stop, we'll head to the King's Park, which is an especially nice spot for picnicking. For those who prefer to eat indoors, there is a cafe in the Morrisons supermarket across the street (and also toilets). The cafe serves a range of snacks and light meals, or you can pick up a sandwich and take-away drink there to take to the park.

As always, the above information should be regarded as provisional. We will definitely meet at the usual time and place (10:30 at the north end of Middle Meadow Walk), but we might vary the route and destination according to conditions on the day (especially in the light of any damage to bike paths following the heavy rains last month).

Saturday 22 June

For our second Extra of 2024, Alan will be leading us over the Forth to Fife. This should be a particularly scenic run. I'll post full details, including the meeting point and the lunch arrangements, nearer the time. For now, note the date.

There's no need to reply to this post. If you plan to attend either or both of the above events, I'll look forward to seeing you there.