20th Anniversary Year

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Saturday 11 June 2011

June just rains and never stops...

It rained all day today, pretty much from the moment I stepped outside my flat. I failed to bring waterproof trousers or spare gloves, so by the end of 20 miles of rain I was well and truly soaked. Well done to all the 13 other brave souls who turned up today. We all got rather cold and wet!

Our route today (I was leading) went down the Mound and along George Street, then onto quieter roads down Dublin Street and from there to the "Tesco Tunnel" - officially the Rodney Street Tunnel of course. Apart from our short ride in March when it was snowing, this was the first time we'd been through on a proper ride - and its shelter was much appreciated! From there we went on down the Warriston Path to Leith's Shore, and then across the Links (the festival was on today and probably suffered with the weather too) and up Easter Road to the Lochend railway path which has recently been resurfaced - and a great improvement it is. We lost one person at Seafield (but found him again) and then wended our way through Craigentinny, along the Fishwives' Causway (another 20milers first I think) and through an industrial estate to Portobello golf course. More wiggling took us to Route 1 at Brunstane, then on via Newhailes, Stoneybank Estate and into Musselburgh for lunch. Most of us found our lunch at the Burgh Cafe which coped remarkably well with an unannounced group of soggy cyclists.

After lunch our route was more straightforward: back along the River Esk (along Route 1), past Musselburgh station (where a couple of cyclists had a minor collision with another cyclist - bruises all round tomorrow I fear) and then we turned under the bypass up Whitehill Road and past Kinnaird Fort, Asda and then back onto Route 1 and all the way back to the start.

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Friday 3 June 2011

June's ride

This month's ride is on Saturday 11th June at 10.30am from the top of Middle Meadow Walk, as usual. I'll be leading the ride out to Musselburgh, via Leith & Portobello. The total distance is about 21 miles.

I'm hoping there won't be any snow, like the last ride I was due to lead, in March! In this warmer (hopefully) weather, it's important to bring some water or juice to keep hydrated. We won't be going fast but even a little bit of exercise causes you to perspire and lose fluid. You'll feel much better if you have some liquid refreshment on the way!