20th Anniversary Year

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Sunday 21 August 2011

20th August Ride

This week's 20-Milers Extra ride was marred by an unfortunate accident.

Nineteen of us had set off from the Meadows to cycle to Almondell Country Park in West Lothian. We were approaching Balerno on the Lanark Road when one of the cyclists lost control of her bike, went head-first over the handlebars, and was knocked unconscious.

By good fortune, one of the group was a nurse with A&E experience. He was able to give the victim valuable first aid while we waiting for the ambulance. He then went with her to the Infirmary, and later told me that she was recovering well. She has some minor lacerations, but no broken bones or other lasting damage.

The most recent news is that she was kept in hospital overnight, but was due to be released today (Sunday).

After the ambulance had left, none of us felt like continuing with the ride, so by unanimous agreement we cycled into Balerno for an early lunch, and then drifted home.

This was the most serious accident that the group has had, and it left us all anxious and shocked. It's a great relief that the outcome wasn't as bad as we had feared at the time. I would add that the group reacted in a most commendable way: directing the traffic, taking contact details, arranging for the storage and transport of the bikes, etc. Jenny (who was leading the ride) sends her thanks to everyone for their patience and support.

Our next ride will be on 10th September. This will be our usual 20-mile format, the destination to be announced nearer the time.


Saturday 13 August 2011

Next rides - August & September

Next week there is a longer ride on Saturday (20th), starting at 10am (note earlier start time) from the usual place. Jenny will be leading the group out to Almondell Country Park, approximately 35 miles, but at the usual pace.

September's ride will be led by Logan, on the 10th at the normal time of 10.30am. A small reminder that the annual Pedal for Scotland (Glasgow to Edinburgh) ride is on Sunday 11th so you could use the 20milers as a warm-up!

August's ride to Musselburgh

Today Jim led 17 of us (including about 5 new people - welcome!) on a route that out-wiggled even my best effort! I can't begin to describe most of it - you can have a look at the map. We went out East, via Figgate Park (which was flooded yesterday, apparently! - looked OK today though) and then to the Craigentinny Marbles that we encountered on June's soggy ride. Back from there to Portobello, and Jim showed us the pottery bottle kilns just behind the promenade, then some impressive pressed-stone pillars just beyond Portobello baths.

Then we made our way to Musselburgh via the Brunstane burn (which has been upgraded with some tarmac and better hardcore since the last time we used it) and the Musselburgh promenade to our lunch stop at the Birdcage (not very welcoming - 7 of us decided to opt out and go to get sandwiches at Tesco and sit on the grass near the river instead).

After lunch we headed back into town along the "normal" route 1 although Jim had put in a couple of interesting side-routes that gave it a bit of interesting variety - thank you for a most involving ride!

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