20th Anniversary Year

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Sunday 13 June 2010

Next ride - 10th July

Next month's ride will be on the 2nd Saturday, as usual, at 10.30am (also as usual) from the top of Middle Meadow Walk (also as usual!) Check on Mike's Cycling-Edinburgh website for more details nearer the time.

June's ride to Kirkliston

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I missed this ride, so this report, the route map above and the photos here are second hand...
- over 20 (24?) set out.
- weather warm but not really hot, remained dry, not very windy.
- Going at a reasonable pace, there was plenty of opportunity to chat.
- Encountered some ill-mannered cyclists along the way - a group of Roadies expecting cycle/footpaths to be clear as though they were racing and a mountain biker shouting about obstructed pavements (when a polite "excuse me" would have probably worked much better.) Didn't dampen spirits though.
- Only 1 puncture.
- Sandwich stop at South Queensferry. Most people used the "Picnic" cafe, which was busy but handled rush of orders with good grace.