20th Anniversary Year

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Monday 21 September 2009

Pedal for Scotland

Several 20-milers were spotted outside their home territory last Sunday (13th) on the annual Pedal for Scotland bike ride. I counted 6 that I know of, but I'm sure that there were more.

If anyone is interested in attempting it next year then I'd say - give it a go! What impressed me most was not the whooshy roadies who were half way back while I was only half way there, but the number of leisure cyclists on cheap bikes, without any special kit or maybe even not much practice, who were out there having a good time. A lot of people got off when going up hills, and lots of people stopped for a breather and a chat. I would recommend an early start however, as from experience the cakes ran out before the tail-enders arrived! And there were big queues at Victoria Park to get buses over to Glasgow. Happy pedalling!

Saturday 12 September 2009

October's ride

The next ride will be on Saturday 10th October (we always meet on the 2nd Saturday of the month) and will be to the West of the city. The final route is still to be confirmed but we will probably be having lunch in a farm cafe, or bring a picnic.

Update: If the weather is not windy, we'll head out via Corstorphine and Edinburgh Park, to Gogarburn, the airport, Cammo and lunch at Craigie Farm, then back in through Barnton and Roseburn - about 22 miles.
However the weather forecast has been a bit pessimistic, so if it turns out to be really windy or wet then we'll do an alternative (shorter and more sheltered) route within the city limits - Grange / Craiglochart, Water of Leith, Roseburn, Inverleith, lunch around Canonmills, Leith, Lochend and Holyrood Park - about 18 miles.

Hope to see you on the day whatever the weather!

September's ride to Musselburgh

We had 22 people today and some gorgeous sunshine (is it churlish to wish that it wasn't quite so hot?!) and we headed out to Musselburgh.

View Musselburgh Sep09 in a larger map

We had only one puncture - mine, quite near the beginning - and one chain fell off. We lost someone for a couple of miles but they turned up at lunchtime. Several people had picnics beside the river which was a very good choice. On the way back to the centre we detoured off Route 1 and headed down to Fort Kinnaird. This was a new route for most people and we had a nice view over the city while we ate not-quite-homemade brownies. The spare ones at the end of the ride got donated to Edinburgh Bike Co-op staff who I always find to be very helpful. I am assured that they will be much appreciated.

Mike's photos of the ride in his Flickr album "20milers" here: LINK