20th Anniversary Year

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Saturday 12 January 2013

January 2013 - Leith

More than 20 people came out on today's ride - mostly familiar faces. The weather was kind - no snow, no ice (although it was fffffreeeezing cold - lots of stamping of feet and teeth chattering). The temperature meant that we didn't stand around too long, despite Jim's best efforts to show us new and interesting features as we made progress on the route.

We started by heading out East down the Innocent Railway, then turned left through Bingham and thence into Figgate Park (for a circumnavigation of the pond) and then up to see the Craigentinny marbles (an impressive tomb, set in the middle of a lot of 30s bungalows). Then back down Fishwives Causeway and to the Portobello Pottery kilns, and along the *Now Cycle Friendly* prom back west towards Leith. We used the new bridge over Seafield Place (no steps now) and then through Leith Links and stopped at RockSalt on Constitution St for lunch - who ably accommodated us (forewarned by Jim) and we had a good meal.
20milers to Leith
After, we cycled through the docks, past Ocean Terminal and the new Asda, around the Newhaven peninsula with lots of new building (and back again) and then along past the Old Chain Pier and up onto the North Edinburgh Path Network to head back towards town via the Roseburn Path.

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