20th Anniversary Year

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How to find our Craigleith and Musselburgh meeting points

Our regular monthly rides invariably start on Middle Meadow Walk. But we occasionally organise additional runs (branded as Extras), and these sometimes start from different meeting points, including at Craigleith and at Fisherrow Harbour in Musselburgh. If you are not sure how to find those places, read on.


Map1 : The Craigleith path junction
Our Craigleith meeting point is at the junction of three bike paths: the Roseburn, Blackhall and Telford Paths (see Map 1). It is 1.8 km (just over a mile) north west of the start of the Roseburn Path (NCN1) in Russell Road. As you approach from that direction, you will pass under Queensferry Road. You will then see a Sainsbury petrol station through the trees on your right. There is a Sustrans marker at the path junction, as well as several signposts and information boards.

If you are coming from Davidson's Mains or Silverknowes, join the Blackhall Path (NCN1) at the junction of Silverknowes Drive and Silverknowes Road, then head south east for just under 3.2 km (two miles).

Those coming from the Leith / Newhaven / Trinity area should head west on the Ferry Road path, crossing Ferry Road by a red bridge, and then continue roughly south west on the Telford Path. This is signposted as Quiet Route 11. It is about 4.8 km (three miles) from Newhaven.

Still unsure?

If you are still not sure where it is, look up South Groathill Avenue in any street map. This is a small road that runs alongside the Craigleith Retail Park. To reach the meeting point from there, look for the signposted access to the bike paths, next to a lights-controlled crossing.

The grid reference of the meeting point is NT 233 747. On the 2021 Spokes Edinburgh map, the reference is H10 (G9 on earlier editions).


Map 2: Fisherrow Harbour in Musselburgh

Our Musselburgh meeting point is at Fisherrow Harbour, which is about 11 km (seven miles) east of Edinburgh city centre (see Map 2). As you approach Musselburgh on the main Edinburgh Road (A199), turn half-left at the start of the 20 mph zone. Go past the Morar care home, then turn left into the car park and under the height-control barrier. Our meeting point is next to the information boards and public toilets.

The grid reference of this meeting point is NT 335 730. On the 2021 Spokes Edinburgh map, the reference is S8.

Maps reproduced from OpenStreetMap.

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