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Wednesday 1 June 2016

Several rides planned for the coming month

We've got several bike rides planned for June. I hope you'll be able to make it to at least one of them.

11th June: Standard monthly ride

Our main ride this month will be to South Queensferry, but by a somewhat devious route. It will be a slightly longer ride than usual (about 24 miles in all), but with no particular difficulties. The route will include a mixture of well-surfaced paths, quiet roads, and some short stretches on busier roads. But there won't be any very steep hills - just a few gentle ones.

There is no single eating place in South Queensferry that will hold us all, so we'll split up for lunch between the various cafés there. Be warned that service at some of the cafés can be slow. If you want to avoid a long wait, consider bringing a picnic lunch. There is a very good picnic spot overlooking the harbour.

As always, we'll leave from the north end of Middle Meadow Walk at 10.30.

11th June: St Andrews ride

The above ride coincides with the annual St Andrews run, in aid of Lepra. If our own ride is not challenging enough for you, you might like to take part in the St Andrews ride instead. It's 68 miles, with at least three killer hills, but you can cycle at your own pace, and there is a friendly atmosphere along the route. There are full details here. A few of our regular riders usually do this ride, so if you fancy some company, look out for them at the start point.

23rd June: Evening ride

Once again, we will be having an evening ride this year to mark the summer solstice (approximately). We'll leave from our usual spot on Middle Meadow Walk at 19.00, with the ride lasting 2½ to 3 hours. I'll post more details nearer the time.

25th June: Extra to Haddington

Our second Extra this summer will take us into East Lothian, with a lunch stop in Haddington. These Extra rides are a bit longer and a bit faster than our usual runs, but with the same sociable atmosphere. I don't have any details yet of the route, so for now just note the date.

More evening rides

If you like the idea of a bike ride during our long summer evenings, you might like to know that one of our members, Jim Cameron, has planned a programme of short rides for most (not all) Thursday evening until the end of August. Like our "official" 20-Milers events, these runs are free and open to all. They usually start at 19.00 from the King George V Park in Canonmills. Further information here.

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