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Saturday 9 November 2013

Chilly November ride around Edinburgh

More than 30 people came on today's ride - encouraged by the early sunshine and not daunted by the chill in the air. We set off to Leith in completely the opposite direction (such is the way of 20milers!) and made our way up through quiet roads and parks to Colinton, where we joined the Water of Leith for a long downhill ride to Roseburn, where we met the Rugby traffic starting to build. Around this time it started to rain (against all forecasts - most unsettling!) and this persisted most of the way to Leith (we joined the North Edinburgh Path Network at Roseburn) - we got to lunch very cold and very wet, but joyous at the realisation we'd gone all the way across the city with only about 100m of the trip on a road.

We locked up our bikes all over the newly renovated street (wider pavements, traffic calmed road) and enjoyed a warm and tasty lunch at Rock Salt. They coped with the arrival of about 30 wet and cold and muddy cyclists very efficiently!

After lunch we made our way through Leith Links, up the Lochend Path (joining up with pedestrians heading to the Hibs match this afternoon) and then out to Figgate Park and ultimately up the Innocent Railway Path and back to our starting point.

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Next ride is Saturday 14th December. Bring lights!

Leader: David
Map: Jim
Report: Livia

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