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Sunday 2 July 2023

July ride to the reservoirs

This is a reminder of our next ride, which takes place this coming Saturday (8 July). I hope you'll be able to join us.

On some of our recent runs we've managed to find some interesting new routes and destinations. This one, by contrast, will head to more familiar territory: the reservoirs at the edge of the Pentland Hills. It will be a particularly scenic route through pleasant countryside.

The total distance will be about 24 miles. Be warned that there will be a fair bit of climbing in the morning, but we'll take it at our usual sociable pace and cheerfully wait for stragglers. And we'll be rewarded with some nice downhills in the afternoon. But the afternoon will also see a couple of very rough paths that might also be slippery. On previous visits some of us had to dismount and push on these paths; fortunately, they are fairly short.

Lunch arrangements

Our lunch stop will be at the Harlaw Reservoir. There are no shops, cafés or other catering outlets anywhere near the reservoir, so it is essential for everyone to bring food and drink for their lunch. Happily the reservoir provides several nice spots for picnics.

Since more than half our mileage will be in the morning, lunch will be a little on the late side. You may wish to bring an extra snack to ward of the hunger pangs.

There are portable (chemical) toilets at the reservoir. We will also stop for a toilet break about half way through the morning.

Time and place

I'm sure you can recite this next bit in your sleep. We'll set out at 10.30 from the north end of Middle Meadow Walk. There is no advance booking for our rides, so just turn up if you decide to join us.

Please be sure to bring a picnic even if the weather is bad, as we have an alternative spot in mind where we can eat our lunches under cover if necessary.

Looking ahead

Our next Extra ride has been fixed for 22 July. I don't yet have any details of that ride to give you, so for now just note the date.

Finally, keep an eye on www.cycling-edinburgh.org.uk as that has information about rides organised by other local cycling groups as well as news of an "ageing well" cycling course, this summer's UCI Cycling World Championship in and around Glasgow and several bike-related events at the Fringe and the Book Festival.

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