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Monday 25 April 2022

First 20-Milers Extra for 2022 - POSTPONED

UPDATE: The ride planned for 7 May has now been postponed. I will post further information when a new date for the ride has been decided. This does not affect our normal 20-mile ride for May, which will take place as planned on the 14th.

 I am pleased to say that we are about to resume our Extra rides. The first of these rides for 2022 will be on Saturday 7 May. I don't have any details yet of the route, destination or meeting time and place, so for now just note the date. I'll post further information early next week.

These Extra rides are longer than our usual 20-mile runs. We start earlier, finish later and cycle a little faster - although still at a "social" pace (not so fast that you can't keep up a conversation). If you normally finish our rides with energy to spare, you should have no difficulty with these Extras. But if you haven't cycled for a while or feel that you are below average fitness, you may prefer to give them a miss, and to stick with our usual "second Saturday" runs instead.

As the name suggests, the Extra rides are in addition to our standard 20-mile runs, the next of which will take place as usual on 14 May.

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