20th Anniversary Year

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Monday 8 April 2019

Ride to Heriot-Watt on Saturday

This is to remind you of our ride this coming Saturday (13th April). We'll be heading to a familiar destination but by an unfamiliar - and interesting - route.

Jenny (Tizard) will be leading us on a tour of bike paths and quiet roads that involves the Granton waterfront, the River Almond walkway, the Cammo Estate and the road at the back of Edinburgh airport. We'll stop for lunch at the Heriot-Watt campus, then head back to town via the canal, Edinburgh Park and Murrayfield.

Our lunch stop will be in the university cafeteria. This is a very spacious eatery where we usually get served quickly and efficiently. There is usually at least one hot dish on offer, as well as soup, baked potatoes, sandwiches, etc. For those of us who prefer to bring a packed lunch, there is no problem in eating this inside the cafeteria.

Note that most of the cycling will be in the morning, and the lunch stop will therefore be quite late. You might want to bring a bar of chocolate or piece of fruit to keep the hunger pangs at bay during the morning.

The total distance will be 24 miles. It will be reasonably flat, with just a few moderate hills. There will also be one or two stretches of rough paths that might be muddy.

As always, we'll gather at the north end of Middle Meadow Walk in time for a 10:30 departure.

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