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Friday 15 April 2016

Join us for Pedal on Parliament 2016

The fifth Pedal on Parliament takes place on Saturday 23rd April. This is a big event, in which thousands of cyclists from all over Scotland will ride from the Meadows to Holyrood to press for safer roads and better cycling infrastructure. It is not a confrontational demo. Rather, it is a fun ride, suitable for cyclists of all ages and abilities. The route will follow George IV Bridge and the Royal Mile, and these will be closed to motor vehicles during the ride.

As usual, there will be a 20-Milers contingent for this event. I hope you will be able to join us. We will meet at 11.30, outside the Bicycle Works in Argyle Place, which is just south of the Meadows. (If you are coming from the north side of town, allow extra time to cross the Meadows, as the area is likely to be very busy.)

The ride is a colourful affair, so feel free to decorate your bike - and yourself - with balloons, flags, or any similar paraphernalia that will draw attention and let people know what it is all about. If you have a particularly loud bell or a hooter, that's all to the good.

The whole things will last about 90 minutes. Afterwards, some of us may decide to get some lunch and/or go for a short ride around town.

 If you would like to come along, just turn up at the appointed time and place. There is no need to let anyone know in advance.

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