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Saturday 12 November 2011

November's Muddy Ride

Andy from Storybikes led today's ride. There were around 25 people (great for a November day that had started with rain, although the weather forecast held true and most of the day was beautifully sunny) on today's ride and only about 10 made it back to the end (the rest were presumed lost with all hands in the mud swamps of Niddrie). Jim kindly tracked the route (ignore the first bit, we started from Middle Meadow Walk) which took us out of town up Kirk Brae (HILL), into Loanhead where we mustered around a statue expecting a story (it came later) and then down into Polton glen with another big HILL up. We then found our way onto the Penicuik-Dalkeith cycle path and thence to lunch at the Retreat (which had plenty of space and good food - our large group challenged the kitchen staff to deliver food to hungry cyclists, but no one went hungry) which also had peacocks, just for variety.
View 2011-11-12 09:24 in a larger map After lunch we carried on down the old railway line to Dalkeith, across the Sheriffhall roundabout (no losses) and then wiggled along a couple of rather muddy tracks to eventually take us down to Niddrie and onto the Innocent Railway path and back to the start. We had some issues of balance on the mud, and then we went into a wood and all our muddy tyres started accumulating leaves, causing some bikes with mudguards to become rather clogged up.

Next ride is Saturday December 10th at 10.30am as usual.

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