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Saturday 11 September 2010

20milers ride to Kirkliston

About 17 (I never counted, for once!) turned up for today's ride - there was a lot of rain last night and the ground was pretty wet, but I optimistically trusted the weather forecast and didn't bring a waterproof jacket.

Our leader for the day, Andy from Storybikes, took us out along the canal to Ratho, then over the hill to Ratho Station and then on an old railway line to Kirkliston. Some bits were fairly wet, although I am assured that it was nowhere near as muddy as the route Andy used last February. We stopped at Kirkliston Kirk for Andy to tell us a story about Lady Stair and her daughter, from the 17th Century, and then went on to the town centre for lunch. Most went to the pub, who opened up a back room (to keep us away from the clean customers?!) - away from the football on the big screen, and we had some extremely cheap food (£1.50 for a baguette or soup, £4 for a burger) and a round of drinks.

After lunch we found ourselves at times on tomorrow's Pedal For Scotland route - which I was on exactly a year ago! I found it quite reassuring to have signs up telling me how far it was to go. I left the group at Craigleith to head back to Leith and saw the preparations for the finish line in Victoria Park (yay! I win!). We were back at about 3.30pm.

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A few photos to follow...

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