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Saturday 10 July 2010

July's ride to Prestonpans

A small but dedicated (some would say committed, some would say "should be committed...") band of 20milers showed up for today's ride in the rain. We managed to lose 4 people within the first 20 minutes (2 decided that it was too wet, one person went the wrong way and the person sent to bring him back went to a different muster point - memo: next time, check which Lochs have Swans in before using them as a reference...) - we eventually met up in Musselburgh though.

Chris led us through some interesting back roads to Newhailes House near Musselburgh, whereupon Mike and I split from the main party to go to find the lost sheep who had found shelter and coffee in Musselburgh. Mike then went home to work on his rear brake, and Andrew & I went on to meet the rest of the group in Prestonpans. We arrived only just ahead of them: they looked rather muddier than us and had collected nettle stings too, but seemed happy that they'd been on an interesting route.

After an excellent lunch at the Gothenburg Pub the remaining 8 of us headed back to Edinburgh along the coastal path. At one point we passed a rather foolish fisherman who had got himself stranded by the incoming tide on rocks - with a sea whipped up by the wind he didn't look particularly safe but he seemed to be reassuring his friend that he was fine, so we cycled on.

I have mapped out the bits I cycled, and the yellow bit in the middle is a wild guess based on some things that Chris mentioned at lunch - corrections welcome from those who were on the ride!

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