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Saturday 10 April 2010

April - South Queensferry via Dalmeny

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Mike led a group of 25 out to South Queensferry in the best weather we've had for a while - calm, sunny, not too hot. For a change, we went out via the Dalmeny estate, including some rougher paths than we've used for a while - given that the undergrowth hasn't really started to grow up yet, it was a good choice and everyone seemed to enjoy the amazing views and the peaceful woodland. Lunch was in South Queensferry - canny people had brought their own packed lunch and enjoyed a relaxed picnic looking out from the harbour. The rest of us (including me) queued up for takeaway sandwiches, mostly at The Picnic, who were apparently one man down but seemed to cope - we all had our food delivered and eaten within about 45 minutes. And they had a very cheerful and positive attitude to all the extra unexpected business!
April - 20 Milers to South Queensferry

We came back along route 1 - a short sharp climb out of South Queensferry to the start of the old railway line, which is then a nice gentle climb up to Dalmeny. From there we followed Route 1 back to Cramond Brig (some of the new members were a bit surprised when we talked about going back "along" the A90 - fear not, it's a good cycle path although there is a bit of a hill which tired some people out). Mike then made a good decision to head on a detour to Cramond (since the weather was so nice it was agreed that ice creams were in order) and then back along the sea front (rather damaged in recent storms - lots of sand and gravel on the main path) and up through the newly opened route through the Waterfront estate (ducks, swans) and then back up the Telford path to Route 1 again.

Next month (Saturday 8th May) I'll be leading the ride, out to the South East of the city, with lunch in the Mortonhall area (Garden Centre or Stables bar) and return via Hermitage of Braid. Hope to see you then!

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