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Saturday 14 March 2009

Welcome March with Wintry Wind...

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Today's ride to Ratho Climbing Arena was totally dominated by the wind - on the way out (West) we were pedalling into what felt like a fresh gale, (and of course the outward route was the one with hills and wiggles and some mud) - and on the way back with the wind behind us we had big grins on our faces that we weren't having to cycle home, tired, into the wind. And it was flat (we came back along the canal which is a totally flat route from Ratho all the way to Tollcross). We did have sun for most of the day, and no rain, which were both very welcome (today's forecast earlier in the week had the wind PLUS a lot of rain).

21 riders set out - and nearly everyone made it to Ratho (although there was a small shortcut for a few who opted to go the final half mile along the canal rather than going the "back way" (i.e. muddy, puddley, gravelly track that goes up behind the climbing centre - with great views though!). We only had one puncture which was expertly fixed by our own Dr Bike, Neil, at the Leamington Lift Bridge.

Next month Jenny is leading us up to the Reservoirs behind Balerno, with lunch in Juniper Green. Apart from one big hill (which I intend to push my bike up!) it should be a nice route with some super views. Hope to see you there.

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