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Saturday 14 February 2009

A Valentine's Day Ride

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Veronica led 21 cyclists on a straightforward run out to South Queensferry. We went all the way out there on Route 1 - generally good quality cycle path or on quiet roads. The final stretch down into South Queensferry is not a route I've done before: it's an old railway line and is very smooth and fast. Downhill all the way from Dalmeny of course!

We had a leisurely lunch before re-mustering for the return trip. Originally we intended to go back along the same route, but with a spirit of adventure Neil led us back through the Dalmeny estate - which has recently had route marks for Route 76 installed, which was a reassurance to us as we got to miscellaneous crossroads around the estate. There were some muddy stretches and a hill (which claimed a bike chain!) but overall was a great way to avoid the Big Hill back to Dalmeny.

We were very lucky with the weather - after a couple of weeks of ice and snow, we didn't have a drop of rain all day, and the ice and snow on the (uncleared, grr) cycle paths around Edinburgh are finally turning to slush or gone completely.

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