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Monday 7 March 2022

Full-day ride this coming Saturday

 We've got our March ride coming up on Saturday (12th). I'm pleased to say that, with the Covid situation improving, we can now resume our usual full-day rides. I hope you'll be able to join us.

The route

Iain (Pearce) will be leading this ride. Iain has come up with an attractive (and unusual) route to Roslin. The outward leg, which will mainly be on quiet roads, will involve a certain amount of climbing, especially near the start. But we will be rewarded with some nice downhill runs
in the afternoon, almost entirely on well-surfaced bike paths. The total distance will be about 21 miles.

Lunch arrangements

Despite the easing of of Covid restrictions, we would still prefer not to take a large party into a cafe or pub. We will therefore ask the group to divide between the two lunch venues in Roslin. Please bear with us if you don't get your first choice of eating place.

Dolly's Tea Room offers a range of soup, sandwiches, toasties and panini, at reasonable prices. If you haven't visited Dolly's since before the pandemic, you will be agreeably surprised by the recent improvements in the service, food and decor there. The Original Rosslyn Inn also offers a good selection. It is somewhat more up-market (and more expensive) than the tea room, but might be a better choice if you want a more substantial cooked lunch.

A third option is to bring a packed lunch. There are some pleasant picnic spots near the chapel and castle. You can also pick up a take-away sandwich and hot drink from Dolly's.

Time and place

As always, we will set off at 10:30 from our usual spot at the north end of Middle Meadow Walk. We should get back to the Meadows around the middle of the afternoon.

And as always, the ride is open to all, and is free of charge. There's no need to let us know in advance that are coming. If you would like to join us, just turn up at the above time and place.

One last thing: Please do bring a spare inner tube if at all possible. It really makes a difference if you get hit by a puncture. If you don't know what size or type of tube is right for your bike, you local bike shop will be pleased to advise. And if your bike doesn't have quick-release hubs, please also bring whatever tools are needed to remove the wheel.

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