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Saturday 14 January 2012

January's Ride - New Year's Resolutions!

30 people turned up for our first ride of 2012 including a good number of new people - I can only assume that a lot of Resolutions were made a couple of weeks ago!

Photos here

Alan led today's ride (that was originally going to be the route for December, were it not for the snow). We left the Meadows via Leamington Park, and discovered that the lift bridge was stuck in the Up position (or maybe the lift man was on a day off and didn't want boats stuck in the marina), so some of us carried our bikes up and over, and others went round the long way. A short stretch on road, and we used the normal Russell Road route - made more interesting this time because of the tram works, which have closed it to cars. Cycles and pedestrians share a narrow path through the works, and then we had to go around to Roseburn Terrace to get back onto the Roseburn Path. From there we were on the old railway line for about 5 miles, to Trinity. There were quite a few trees down, especially near the Queensferry Road Holiday Inn where a row of about 5 very large trees had all come down on a steep slope in the New Year storms.

From Trinity, we went down to the shoreline through the tunnel, and then West along the waterfront all the way to Cramond (see photo). The group split into "roadies" and "bike carriers" - the latter group went along the path along the Almond, which entails carrying bikes up about 80 steps (and down again), the other group went along the road (and beat us). We had lunch at the Cramond Brig, which coped extremely well with about 25 hungry cyclists all arriving at once (some people had picnics) and then headed back to the start along Route 1.

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Leader: Alan

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