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Saturday 5 March 2011

March's ride

Next Saturday (12th) I'll be leading the group ride - we'll be going out to Cammo via South Gyle, then along some rough & potentially muddy tracks to Cramond, where we'll have lunch at a local cafe (or bring a picnic), and then will return via the Waterfront and Leith, where we'll say hello to Cliff (man with a seagull on his head...) before returning to the start via the "Tesco Tunnel" and Route 1.

Most of the route will be on very quiet roads, cycle paths and tracks, however there are some short stretches on busy roads. There are a few small hills (plus we have to get from sea level back to the Meadows at the end of the ride, which is a fair amount of climb; mostly done gently though!)

A few tips about riding in large groups on busy roads:
  • never ride more than two abreast
  • "clump" into groups of about 8, leaving a gap before the next group: this allows other vehicles to pass safely and reduces frustration
  • clearly indicate any turns
  • don't assume that because the person in front of you has carried out a manoeuver that it is safe for you to follow
  • don't feel you have to rush or dash - this will just make you more stressed and more likely to make mistakes
  • keep an eye out for potholes, doors opening on parked cars and other hazards

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