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Friday 7 January 2011

Tomorrow's ride

The weather forecast is a bit borderline for tomorrow: Metcheck for example are currently promising a nice sunny day around 0degrees, however other places are suggesting that there might be a fair amount of snow falling before then.

Mike & I aim to be at Middle Meadow Walk as normal for 10.30 tomorrow, however we may decide to cancel on the spot if the weather is bad.

So the upshot of it is... the ride isn't cancelled at the moment but if the weather's nasty then it doesn't make sense to go for a fun ride: no one wants to get hurt! The general principle of 20-milers applies, in that you are responsible for your own safety and wellbeing and if you don't feel that it's safe, then don't come.

However I really hope that the snow holds off and we all have a glorious ride tomorrow. Andy (Storybikes) is planning to take us out to Riccarton and Colinton, about 17 miles in total.

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