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Sunday 13 June 2010

June's ride to Kirkliston

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I missed this ride, so this report, the route map above and the photos here are second hand...
- over 20 (24?) set out.
- weather warm but not really hot, remained dry, not very windy.
- Going at a reasonable pace, there was plenty of opportunity to chat.
- Encountered some ill-mannered cyclists along the way - a group of Roadies expecting cycle/footpaths to be clear as though they were racing and a mountain biker shouting about obstructed pavements (when a polite "excuse me" would have probably worked much better.) Didn't dampen spirits though.
- Only 1 puncture.
- Sandwich stop at South Queensferry. Most people used the "Picnic" cafe, which was busy but handled rush of orders with good grace.

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