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Monday 21 September 2009

Pedal for Scotland

Several 20-milers were spotted outside their home territory last Sunday (13th) on the annual Pedal for Scotland bike ride. I counted 6 that I know of, but I'm sure that there were more.

If anyone is interested in attempting it next year then I'd say - give it a go! What impressed me most was not the whooshy roadies who were half way back while I was only half way there, but the number of leisure cyclists on cheap bikes, without any special kit or maybe even not much practice, who were out there having a good time. A lot of people got off when going up hills, and lots of people stopped for a breather and a chat. I would recommend an early start however, as from experience the cakes ran out before the tail-enders arrived! And there were big queues at Victoria Park to get buses over to Glasgow. Happy pedalling!

1 comment:

Afriscot said...

Certainly was a great day. Good weather and a beautiful route. I am definately doing it again.