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Wednesday 3 September 2008

September's Ride

The next ride will be on Saturday September 13th and will take us to Cousland in Midlothian, and will include a rare chance to visit the restored 18th Century smiddy and adjoining smith's cottage (suggested entry donation: £2). This is an easy-to-moderate ride, suitable both for occasional cyclists and those with a little more experience.

The total distance will be about 24 miles, mainly on easy paths and quiet roads with gentle gradients. Hot drinks and home baking will be available at the smiddy; those wanting a more substantial lunch should bring a sandwich. The ride will end around 16.00.

10.30, at the north end of Middle Meadow Walk (junction of Lauriston Place).
Cost and booking: Free; just turn up.
Further information:
Mike Lewis (0131 343 2520) or Chris Pearson (0131 343 2685)

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Unknown said...

Ride Leader, Darren, here. Just to let you know I checked out the route on Monday 8th Sept and it is completley clear of roadworks etc. I had to push some nettles to one side and trimmed some brambles back on one narrow bit but other than that we should be rolling nicely.This will be a great intro for folk wanting to go even further as you will see three of the best old railway cycle paths in the area. A traffic light has been installed on the final hill up to Cousland and it is on a sensor that isn't sensitive to cyclist so if you find me off the bike doing star jumps in front of a red traffic light you will know why. The Smiddy looks great. Total milage came in at 25 miles. (12.09m there, good estimate Mike!) with a longer downhill stretch on the way back. I am looking forward to this ride very much. See you there. Darren